Monday, January 2, 2012

Might As Well Get This Over With

So, my therapist suggested I do this, and I kind of made it my New Year's resolution, so here goes.

You on the internet can call me Carraway.  Hey!  As you can probably tell from the title, I'm a hypochondriac.  It's nothing serious, but it's been hurting my class attendance lately.

This blog's primary purpose is, whenever I'm feeling sick/imagining symptoms, I post about it here.  Basically, this is going under the assumption that, if I just make it  public, I'll realize on some level how silly it is for me to, say, imagine a case of mild indigestion is the bird flu.

Hopefully, I won't post on here very much.  I've been getting better.

Who knows, I might post other stuff, about my life here, too!


  1. Why do the therapists always think this is a good idea? It never is. Never.

    Stupid idiots. It isn't silly. It's real.