Saturday, April 7, 2012

No Sleep

I'm still awake.

Even with Lyndsay in the room I'm afraid to go to sleep.

I don't know where these blog posts are coming from.  I've had a nightmare since the break-in.  Just one, was worse.

I still haven't talked about what happens when my skin comes off, and I'm bleeding.  I don't want to. But I might have to.  Just to get it out there.  Maybe feel a bit more sane.

My skin comes off and I'm a wolf.  A big, black wolf and I eat my brother and I kill everyone at the hospital...which includes Lyndsay and Justin and sometimes even my exes and sometimes even Koji.

And then the fur starts falling out and my skin starts to fall away and I don't want to tell the rest because it's even worse.  It's even worse and it just keeps going.

So yeah.  Not a whole lot of sleep.

I wish I knew what was happening.  I wish I knew why it was happening.

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