Friday, March 23, 2012

Nothing Much To Say

Except that I apparently posted in my sleep again.

No nightmares.  No phantom scratching.  Classes have been going a whole lot better.  I've even talked to Koji a few times!  Still don't know if he was actually interested or anything, but it's progress, right?

I've even been hanging out with the others more.  Justin's friend Stephanie, him, Lyndsay, and I all played some Rock Band the other night, and then Smash Brothers until we passed out.  It feels good to have things sort of on track again, you know?

Well, for me, anyway.  Apparently Lyndsay's been having troubles with her internet boyfriend lately.  Been up a lot of nights talking to her about it.

Speaking of being up nights, probably should go to bed, while I have the luxury of going to bed early.

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